Food 2.0
Freshness Redefined
For the first time in the country, you can experience the freshness and flavor of home-cooked meal combined with the convenience of ready-to-eat.


NÜTY is Nutritious

Nutrition with great taste. That is the NÜTY promise. Our team of food technologists and engineers work tirelessly to make sure that everything that goes into your NÜTY kit is full of nutrients. We want you to eat well and love what you eat

Technology meets taste

Let us get a little technical. We bring to you the best in food production technology that takes care of two important things- Hygiene and better shelf life. But, don’t worry, we make sure that the nutrients stay locked in.

We believe in clean eating

What’s the best thing about homemade food? You know exactly what goes in it. It is the same with NÜTY too. Our labels are 100% transparent and use only “clean label” ingredients. In simpler words, if it is not good for you, it is not in your food. That means no chemicals and no artificial preservatives, only clean, natural eating.

Freshness delivered directly to you

All our food sources come from independent farmers. You place an order on our website and we bring it to you directly, eliminating all middlemen. You benefit from fresh food and our farmers benefit from fair trade.


Our parent company is Tulita Ahara which is Sanskrit for Balanced Diet. NÜTY takes the vision forward to make healthy and soul-satisfying food affordable and convenient. The idea is to save you time and effort so that you can truly enjoy the finer things in life.


We are young, passionate, dedicated and hardworking team of talented individuals determined to bring best of the food to Indian consumers. Our team include food scientists, chefs and engineers, who work hard to bring you safe and healthy food to you and your family. For more info