At NÜTY, we consider food safety as a journey and not a destination.

Our goal with regard to Food Safety is to create a culture that understands, appreciates and adopts the food safety procedures.

We follow a 5-step process to ensure food safety
- Adopting the best industry practices in food safety
- Constant & rigorous training of our employees
- Regular monitoring and oversight of food safety practices
- Respond quickly to address new challenges such as Covid19
- Continuous improvement by listening to our customers

Whether it is handling, preparing or storing food, our team of food engineers and technologists keep safety at the forefront. Every step, no matter how complex it sounds, is not merely a “process”. It is a well-planned precaution so that you enjoy safe and nutritious food every single day.

The Best Minds at Work

The founders of NÜTY are driven by the mission to make your food 100% safe. The food technologists and engineers on our team ensure that they can keep their mission going. It is a blend of intention and innovation that keeps all the contents in your NÜTY kits safe.

Clean Food Production Technology

In our food preparation, we use clean-label ingredients. We produce all our intermediary ingredients including fresh masalas & premixes in our own facility to help maintain the quality and consistency of our food.

We use a patented clean food production technology that keeps food, free of preservatives and harmful chemicals. The best thing about this technology is that the nutrients remain untouched.

State-of-the art manufacturing plant

Our ISO 22000:2018 certified production plant in Hosur maintains international standards in safety practices. We are committed to ensuring minimal contact with the food. Food is handled only by trained and skilled professionals who use the best safety gear and take every safety precaution.

HPP Technology

We use the most advanced food production technology called High Pressure Processing that uses pressurized chilled water to remove microbes that causes the food to spoil quickly.

This improves the shelf life of your food while retaining the nutrition, taste and flavor.

Storage and preservation

Our effort to ensure food quality and safety extends beyond our production facilities. We invested in modern cold chain logistics and custom designed thermal insulated packaging to maintain the quality and freshness of food. The ioT enabled temperature control systems help to maintain the food in the desired temperature range during storage, transport and last-mile delivery.