Founder's Note

Ray Nathan , Founder

"We Are What We Eat" - as the saying goes, the benefits of good food are far reaching.

My health journey prompted me to think about my food choices and recognize the harmful effects of highly processed foods and the importance of a balanced diet that consists of fresh vegetables, whole grains and clean protein.

Preparing such food is time consuming and even expensive, therefore most of us make choices based on cost and availability. 

We made it our mission to solve this problem and our research led to finding a technology solution for retaining freshness of food. This led us to High pressure processing technology, also referred to as “Cold Press”, for which we recently secured a patent.

I and my co-founder Naveen founded NÜTY (/nju ‘tiː/), short for Nutritious & Tasty on the belief that consumers deserve better quality food, prepared using natural ingredients, minimally processed to retain maximum nutrition and flavour.

Our recipes are inspired by traditional Indian cuisine, wherein plant-based food has been consumed for generations. Our
products such as Plant-Based Dips are made from farm fresh vegetables and contain no preservatives of any kind. Our dessert range includes innovative products such as Avocado Halwa, a modern take on a rich Indian dessert.

For our cloud kitchen franchise partners, we offer a collection of 100 Heat & Serve dishes curated from our wide range of authentic regional Indian, Thai and Indo-Chinese cuisine. These are minimally processed (cold-pressed), preservative free and prepared using real ingredients and cooked using cold-pressed cooking oils.

For our institutional clients who are large operators in the food services industry, we offer ready-to-cook Indian food solutions, using which your chef can prepare dozens of Indian dishes, from Tikka Masala to Rogan Josh to Saag Paneer.  With our base gravies, you can reduce dependency on skilled Indian chefs
and offer consistent & flavourful Indian dishes to your customers.

We are delighted and humbled by the response from our consumers & partners across Australia & New Zealand, USA, Europe & Middle East.

We promise to stay true to our mission to bring great food to your homes.