Farm Fresh Salad Kit

Farm Fresh Salad Kit
Farm Fresh Salad Kit
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Farm Fresh Salad Kit

Who says you need to go to a fancy supermarket for exotic veggies? NÜTY brings them to you from local farms, harvested fresh and packed for easy storage Serves 2 for 1 Week

Box Content

  • Broccoli 400 - 600g
  • Baby Spinach - 50g
  • Cherry Tomato - 250g
  • Lettuce - Iceberg - 450 - 550g
  • Zucchini (Green or Yellow) (2 - 3 Nos) - 450 - 550g
  • Bell Pepper (Red, Green & Yellow) (3 Nos) - 450 - 550g
  • Salad Dressings (Creamy Italian Dressing - (200g)                                                    Peri-Peri Mayo Dressing - (200 g)


  5 Kgs (Approx) Net Weight 

  Keep Refrigerated   

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Freshness that transients to your five senses

No Additives

Only fresh fruits & vegetables. A few herbs. No artificials. Guaranteed

No Preservatives

Unique Clean food technology (HPP) to keep food fresher for longer,with zero preservatives

Common Questions

If you have any questions regarding Farm Fresh Kit, we are here to help.

  • What is a NÜTY fresh kit?

    NÜTY fresh kits make grocery shopping easy for you. Get your weekly supply of fruits and veggies straight from the farm to your doorstep.

  • What is a NÜTY fresh veggie kit?

    We take away the hassle of veggie shopping for you with our NÜTY fresh veggie kit. Get all the veggies you need for a week. Simply unbox our farm fresh veggies and stock up your refrigerator.

  • What is a NÜTY fresh fruit kit?

    Fresh and juicy fruits straight from the farm are packed into a convenient NÜTY fresh fruit kit. You are ready for the entire week without the hassle of picking and choosing fruits. We do that for you and deliver them to your door step.

  • What is a NÜTY essential kit?

    Essential groceries including veggies, bread, eggs, chicken, milk, curd and grated coconut come packed in a beautiful NÜTY essential kit. When you feel lazy to shop, just NÜTY it!

  • What is a NÜTY salad veggies kit?

    Toss up a bowl of fresh and nutritious salad with exotic veggies from the NÜTY salad veggies kit. All those rare veggies that are never available at local supermarkets now come in a box to your doorstep.

  • Where do you source the produce from?

    At NÜTY , we love local. That is why all our fresh produce comes directly from independent farms located at Hosur. No middlemen, no compromises on quality.

  • What if I want specific veggies and fruits only?

    We don’t deliver single products at the moment. But hey, why pick and choose when you can get it all?